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A committed festival

The Low Budget Men : music to save lives

The Nice Jazz Festival is committed to the association “20 000 vies” to promote the distribution of defibrillators!

White coat to leather jacket.

The Low Budget Men's group, formed by Claude Mariottini, works for a noble cause in raising funds to finance the purchase of defibrillators. Since 2008, more than 10 000 spectators have supported The Low Budget Men in concerts and 70 defibrillators have thus been offered to the county.
20,000 Lives: it is both the name and aim of the association, since it is the number of lives that could be saved each year by the project of Dr. Claude Mariottini. The association was founded in 2008 and its founding members use this observation to determine the guideline for its actions and its objectives: the dissemination of defibrillators, that are too few and visible today, and public awareness to the actions of emergencies. The association has already allowed for the county to obtain 70 fully automated defibrillators usable by everyone, and saved 15 lives so far.

The rate is of 3% of resuscitated patients when there is no defibrillator available, while it rises to 30% when relief is available. The time limit is 4 minutes to save a patient after cardiac arrest and mortality increases by 10% per minute lost. Speed and public information are crucial because lives can be saved; this is the bet of the association.
A stand will be installed inside the festival to raise awareness of the lifesaving and actions of the association “20,000 vies”.

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An eco festival

A new sustainable approach in 2015

Engaged in an ongoing objective of sustainable development of its events, the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis launched a local waste prevention program (PLPD). Among the actions of this program are the development of eco-events and first and foremost, the Nice Jazz Festival. In addition to responsible procurement, waste sorting, organizing the Nice Jazz Festival is one step more towards eco-exemplary by offering its visitors the use of reusable cups.
Because individual action must become collective ones, it is important that our community sets an example by realizing its commitment to promoting eco-exemplary, waste prevention and cleanliness of the sites it operates.
This choice will allow 80% reduction of the amount of waste during the event.

A deposit that empowers

Each reusable tumbler will need a deposit of 1€. Each visitor will easily obtain them in the pits for that purpose before going to the bar of choice. The deposit empowers each user. Thus, the reusable glass is not abandoned.

Gobelet éco cup NJF

A returnable cup

At any time, any user can get his deposit back by bringing back his tumbler to designated places. He will then recover 1€. While working for sustainable development, the gesture costs him nothing.

A cup preserved

In 1/3 of the cases, the user decides to keep his glass in memory (since it is personalized with the colors of the event). In this case, he will not recover his deposit. The organizer keeps the money.

Other positives

Less waste on the ground, less waste to collect, transport and treat. The human and financial resources allocated to these tasks alone could eventually be alleviated or redeployed.

Like every year, the City of Nice will distribute pocket ashtrays to preserve the cleanliness of the site.

There will also be 60 "Totems Tri-Clean" available to users on the site and around the event.