Benjamin Clementine

Wednesday 8 july 2015
Masséna 8:00 PM

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His career is like a fairy tale... The singer, pianist, guitarist, songwriter Benjamin Clementine one day decided to leave his native England to try his luck in Paris. After years of struggling to sing in the subway, the public finally recognized his extraordinary talent which is sometimes compared to Nina Simone: "I want to tell stories to people using my imagination, just like if I was writing literature" says the musician on edge.

Every concert is of a rare emotional force: Benjamin Clementine is definitely the poet of 2015. ‘Les Inrockuptibles’ recently headlined: "Benjamin Clementine, birth of a Star." Chills guaranteed.

Album : Condolence - Behind Records / Barclay

Line-up : Benjamin Clementine : piano and vocals, Barbara Leliepvre : cello, Emmanuel Sauvage : keyboard, Alexis Bossard : drums