Friday 10 july 2015
Masséna 11:00 PM

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With over 30 million albums sold in his career, Cerrone is a mythical figure of disco made in France! Author of hits like ‘Give Me Love’, ‘Supernature’ and ‘Love in C Minor’ Marc Cerrone has led many legendary parties, including Dance Party Live at Versailles, Los Angeles Millennium Celebration or the concert in Paris at the Place de la Concorde to celebrate the bicentenary of the Revolution.

Best friend of Nile Rodgers, who won a Grammy Award and a Golden Globe, Cerrone first started as an artistic director for a famous chain of resorts and a drummer in a rock band before becoming the great DJ with an international career that we know of today. He is the king of the party and of dance that will conclude this evening as the Massena stage will be sure to remember!

Album : The Best of Cerrone Productions – Because