Gregory Privat & Sonny Troupé : Luminescence

Thursday 9 july 2015
Théâtre de Verdure 7:30 PM

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By combining their music with four hands, Grégory Privat and Sonny Troupé show that the future generation of Caribbean jazz is assured !

Gregory is the son of José Privat, great name of the West Indies group Malavoi. He is one of the key figures of French jazz today. Sonny is equally much-sought after for jazz and Caribbean projects, but also for percussion or drums.  A mixture of gwo-ka (Caribbean rhythms), jazz and Caribbean melodies, the duet gives a breath of fresh air to jazz. It is not known which of the two instruments follows the other as the voices blend, fit together, overlap to form an indivisible whole. Two hands on the piano, two others on the drum skin for immediate boarding.

Line-up: Grégory Privat : piano ; Sonny Troupé : drums

Album : Luminescence – Jazz Family