Saturday 11 july 2015
Masséna 8:00 PM

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Fascinated by bands like Funkadelic, Sly & the Family Stone, the Temptations or the productions of Motown, the Californian group Monophonics created music with psychedelic accents, very steeped in the history of their city, San Francisco.

Solicited by many artists, Monophonics already invested the scene of the Nice Jazz Festival last year alongside Ben L'Oncle Soul. They come back, this time with their own project to the very 70's sounds. Compositions and covers of the greatest hits of funk music will warm-up the crowd in the early evening.

Album : Sound of Sinning – Transistor Sound

Line up: Austin Bohlman: drums, Kelly Finnigan: vocals & piano, Ian McDonald: guitars & vocals, Myles O'Mahony: bass & vocals, Ryan Scott: trumpet & vocals, Nadav Niremberg: Trombone