Wednesday 20 july 2016
Masséna 9:15 PM

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From the beginning in 2007 in Aix-en-Provence Deluxe has made a name for itself thanks to a unique musical recipe. With their mix of hip-hop, funk and brassy pop, the five moustachioed musicians and their songstress Liliboy (she’s got a kind of moustache too), are like a breath of fresh air and originality. Skilfully combining live instruments and electronic compositions, this collective will perform material from their second album StacheLight whose hair-raising songs mean a high-octane concert is in store. Explosive energy and contagious joy is on the agenda.

Line-up : Liliboy : chant / Pietre : guitare, chant, claviers / Pépé : sax, chant, claviers / Kilo : batterie, machines, chant / Kaya : basse / Soubri : percussions, machines, chant

Album : Stachelight – Chinese Man Records