Ibrahim Maalouf "Red and Black Light"

Tuesday 19 july 2016
Masséna 9:15 PM

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The tireless Ibrahim Maalouf continues creating and revisiting his inspirations and influences … After the trilogy which sealed his success and a variety of other projects, the trumpeter is back with two sets of new material back to back: one is dedicated to the work of the singer Oum Kalthoum and the more electric, rock-accented second, Red & Black Light. It’s this latter project that we are going to enjoy, Ibrahim Maalouf performing for us on the big Masséna stage, where he returns after his 2014 performance and his show at the Théâtre de Verdure in 2012, evenings that festival-goers remember still…With his four-star team, Ibrahim Maalouf invites us along on a new adventure, a tribute to women across the world, by this artist from whom we have not heard the last.

Line-up: Ibrahim Maalouf: trumpet / François Delporte: guitar / Eric Legnini: keyboards / Stéphane Galland: drums / Frank Woeste: keyboards / Antoine Guillemette: bass / Yann Martin: trumpet / Martin Saccardy: trumpet / Youenn le Cam: trumpet

Album : Red & Black Light  - M’ister Productions