Scofield / Mehldau / Guiliana

Wednesday 20 july 2016
Théâtre de Verdure 8:45 PM

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For this final evening of the festival, a unique encounter is in store on the Théâtre de Verdure stage. John Scofield, an immense jazz-rock guitarist who was encouraged by Charles Mingus and Miles Davis, crosses paths with Brad Mehldau, the most influential pianist of the last few decades, and Mark Guiliana, leader of the renewal in New York jazz. Three generations, three incomparable talents, and a trio at the peak of their powers for a unique and original experience.

Line-up: John Scofield: guitar / Brad Mehlda: piano / Mark Guiliana: drums

Album: TBC - Universal

Sites :  http://www.johnscofield.com / http://www.bradmehldau.com / http://www.markguiliana.com