2017 0718 - C - MASSENA -  Ibrahim Maalouf

Ibrahim Maalouf "Red & Black Light"

Tuesday 18 july 2017
Masséna 11:00 PM

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The indefatigable Ibrahim Maalouf goes on creating and journeying to the heart of his multiple inspirations and influences.After a trilogy that sealed his success, and all sorts of other projects, four years on from a concert at the Théâtre de Verdure that is etched in the festival’s memory, the trumpeter returns with a new album, this time more electric, with shades of rock even, entitled Red & Black Light. Supported by a four-star lineup, Ibrahim Maalouf invites us to join him in a tribute to women from around the world.

Line-up: Ibrahim Maalouf: trumpet / François Delporte: guitar / Eric Legnini: keyboards / Stéphane Galland: drums/ Frank Woeste: keyboards / Antoine Guillemette: bass / Yann Martin: trumpet / Martin Saccardy: trumpet / Youenn le Cam: trumpet.

Album: Red & Black Light (Mi’ster Productions)