General Elektriks

Friday 20 july 2018
Masséna 9:15 PM

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The brainchild of Hervé Salters, a fan of vintage synths and keyboards of all kinds, General Elektriks is a cult French electro-pop group.  After "Cliquety Kliqk", their first album, they brought Europe to its feet with "Good City for Dreamers" in 2009. Their cocktail is a judicious blend of funk, soul and jazz that can be found, just as effective as ever, on their latest album, "Carry No Ghosts". 

Line Up : Hervé salters - Vocals, keyboards ; Pupillo - Drums, percussions, hi-hat, shaker ; Jessie Chaton - Bass, Vocals; Eric Starczan - Guitar, Vocals. ; Tuski : Vibraphone ; Adèle Salters, Jules salters, Camille Höller, Jordan Dalrymple – Vocals; Nicolas Tuaillon - Saxophone, flutes ; Dominique Della-Nave - Trombone ; Sébastien Surel - Violin ; Vincent Ségal - Cello ; Christophe ‘Disco’ Minck - Electric bass

Album : « Carry No Ghosts » / Label : AntiFragile Music