Kyle Eastwood Quintet

Monday 16 july 2018
Théâtre de Verdure 7:30 PM

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The oldest son of Clint Eastwood approaches jazz from a contemporary viewpoint. Band leader, virtuoso bassist and high-flying composer, he contributed to the soundtracks of Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby. His latest album, "In Transit", offers a contemporary form of jazz that is both melodic and full of groove, while appealing to purists with fascinating reinterpretations of Count Basie, Monk and Mingus. The new project also features the theme of Italian cinema, a passion of Eastwood's and a symbol of his special relationship with the film industry.

Line Up : Kyle Eastwood – Double bass and electric bass ; Andrew McCormack – Piano; Quentin Collins – Trumpet & bugle ; Brandon Allen – Saxophones; Chris Higginbottom – Drums

Album : « In Transit » / Label : Jazz Village