Laurent de Wilde « New Monk Trio »

Wednesday 18 july 2018
Théâtre de Verdure 8:45 PM

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A child prodigy of jazz, pianist Laurent de Wilde has been playing with his trio since 1997 and accumulating collaborations in worlds as varied as reggae, rap and electronic music. A graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, de Wilde is also the author of Monk (1995), his biography of pianist Thelonious Monk published by Gallimard. It's hard to imagine a musician better suited than Laurent de Wilde for an album in tribute to Monk, released in October 2017, a hundred years to the month since the birth of the great pianist! 

Line Up : Laurent De Wilde – Drums; Jérôme Regard – Double bass ; André Ceccarelli – Drums

Album : « New Monk Trio » /  Label – Gazebo