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Friday 19 july 2019
Masséna 11:00 PM

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After working together on the soundtrack to the film La Vache, Ibrahim Maalouf is hitting the road with the Haïdouti Orkestar for a new encounter between the Balkans and the West to the sound of swirling brass.

To mark the ten years since they met, Ibrahim Maalouf is inviting the Haïdouti Okestar on a summer tour, a voyage in celebration of the nomadic life. Music from here and elsewhere will come together on stage at the Nice Jazz Festival.


François Delporte – Guitar

Jacques Colas – Vocals

Edika – Backing vocals

Sylvain Dupuis – Drums, Tapan

Dogan Poyraz – Percussion

Amar Chaoui – Derbouka

Mihai Pirvan – Saxophone

Martin Saccardy – Trumpet

Yvan Djaoudi – Trumpet

Manel Girard – Trumpet

Yasha Berdah – Trumpet

Charlotte Auger – Tuba

Alon Peylet – Tuba

Julien Oury – Tuba

Edi Negon Borges – Trombone

Daniele Israel – Trombone

Denys Danielides – Helicon

Nuria Rovira Salat – Dance

Jasko Ramic – Accordion

Jean-Luc Ponty – Violin