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A festival that certifies Art

This year, under the leadership of the city councillor for art in public spaces, Robert Roux, art has been incorporated into the Nice Jazz Festival. Thirty-two artists, among them leading figures of the Nice art scene, will let their imaginations run away with them to reinterpret the official poster. The original works created under the ‘Nice Jazz Festival Arts’ label will be displayed from 17 July to 30 September at Palais Lascaris, a museum in Nice’s old town, which is home to an outstanding collection of musical instruments. Reproductions will also go on display around the Nice Jazz Festival site, giving the public the chance to see the work of Anthony Alberti, BEN, Laurent Bosio, Brian Caddy, Martin Caminiti, Florence Cantié-Kramer, CIB, Louis Dollé, Kristof Everart, FABEN, Patrick Frega, Antoine Graff, Karim Guelloussi, HAKIM, Yves Hayat, Jean-Antoine Hierro, Myriam Klein, KRISTIAN, Peter Larsen, Mauro Maugliani, Jennifer Miller, Anthony Morabito, Esther Morisse, Moustache Bleue, Patrick Moya, François Nasica, OTOM, Gilbert Pedinielli, Richard Roux, Patrick Shumacher, Cédric Teisseire and Wolf.

Palais Lascaris : 15 rue Droite, 06300 Nice

An eco-friendly festival

Gobelet éco cup NJF

Committed to a policy of sustainable development and environmental preservation in the context of its events, Metropole Nice Côte d’Azur has launched a local waste prevention scheme. Because individual actions must become collective, it is important for our city to set an example by making the sites it manages models of eco-friendliness, waste prevention and cleanliness. The scheme will cut the volume of waste generated by the festival by 80%.

A deposit that empowers

A deposit of € 1 is payable for each reusable cup. Customers can get their deposit back at any time, by returning their cup, or can keep it as a souvenir.

Other positives

less litter on the ground means less rubbish to clear up, collect, transport and process. This means that the human and financial resources allocated to these tasks can be reduced or assigned to other areas. Like every year, the City of Nice will distribute pocket ashtrays to keep the site clean. Sixty recycling points will be available to visitors around the festival site and surrounding area.